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Longridge Village - West Lothian
Longridge Village - West Lothian

Who has come from longridge? Who has lived here that is of note not only in the village but across the land. (the world!)

Rev Robert H. Bishop D.D.

Principal of Oxford University Ohio Robert was born in Longridge. He entered the Associate Theological Hall as a student under Professor Lawson, of Selkirk in the session of 1798. He did not finish his studies but emigrated to America. He continued his studies there and entered the ministry. He was afterwards elected Professor of Theology and was latterly Principal of the Univeristy of Oxford, Miami, Ohio, USA. He died in 1855.
(History of Bathgate and District A.M. Bisset)


Rev John Brown D.D.

Professor of Exegetical Theology United Secession College, Edinburgh. This famous son of a famous family was born at Longridge on the 12th of Jul 1784. His father was John Brown of Whitburn, scarcely les notable as preacher and writer, who had been minister of Longridge Associate (Burgher) church for seven years. Educated at Whitburn parish school from what at the age of thirteen, he proceeded to Edinburgh University. He went on to teach for three years in the Fife village of Elie. At the age of 20 he became a licensed preacher. He was or inducted to the parish of Biggar. His eloquence and power made themselves manifest in crowded services, people flocking from a wide area to hear him, so that a larger church had to be built to hold the increasing numbers?. In 1822 he moved to the charge of Rose Street in Edinburgh and then in 1829 Broughton Place where he grew a membership of 1200. His distinction was noted in being awarded a Doctor of Divinity by Jefferson College, Pennsylvania. In 1834 he was elected to the chair of Exegetical theology in the Secession Church. He died on the 13th of October 1858 his funeral to the New Calton Burying ground being one of the most largely attended ever witnessed in Edinburgh.
(History of Bathgate and District A.M. Bisset)


Rev  James & Mrs. Ronaldson 

Death of Mrs. Ronaldson -- the people of Longridge and the surrounding district will learn with regret of the death in her far of home of the wife of the Rev James Ronaldson, for many years pastor of the Longridge church and whose farewell is still vividly remembered. We give an interesting notice of the event which appears in the “Christchurch press” ----- One by one slowly but surely the old colonist who came hither in the now historical first four ships are passing away. Last week another joined the great majority in the person of Mrs. Catharine Ronaldson, the sister of another well known colonist Mr. John Miln. Mrs. Ronaldson who was born in Perthshire, came to Canterbury in the “Sir George Seymore” one of the four ships arriving here on the 16th Dec 1850. Early in her colonial career Mrs. Ronaldson made the acquaintance of Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson senior, a close friendship which lasted uninterruptedly until the close of her life. In 1851 Mrs. Ronaldson’s brother, Mr. John Miln arrived and bought land on Lincon road, and she resided with him until 1858 when she left for Scotland to marry the Rev James Ronaldson, United Presbyterian minister of Longridge church, near Whitburn, Scotland. She continued to reside with her husband at Longridge till 1886, taking a warm interest in the educational matters connected with the district, also things political in supporting Mr. Lgan , the liberal member in the house of commons for the county of Linlithgow, who held both her and her husband in great esteem for their liberal support whilst contesting the election for the county against the Conservative candidate. On Rev Mr. Ronaldson falling into ill health he resigned his charge, and along with his family came to Lyttelton in the ship “dunedin” in January 1887, and proceeded to occupy their farm of 400 acres at Hororata, which had been purchased twenty five years before. In the beginning of January last, Mrs. Ronaldson was taken with a severe illness, but rallied sufficiently to be out and about again until about seven weeks ago, when she again took to her bed, and died on Saturday last. Her funeral took place on Wednesday last, and was attended to the Hororota cemetery by a large number of settlers in the neighbourhood, and some of her old friends from Christchurch. The funeral services were preformed by the Rev Mr. Maxwell, minister in the district, and the Rev Mr. Hodgson also attended. Mrs. Ronaldson was very much loved and respected for her cheerful happy disposition and her kind sympathy among the people in her neighbourhood, which was reciprocated by their kind assistance and attention to their deep distress. She leaves two sons and one daughter; eldest son and daughter married.

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